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Sikhs, all over the world, will remember the 27th anniversary of the June 1984 brutal Indian Army attack on the Durbar Sahib (‘Golden Temple’) in Amritsar with prayers, protest rallies & seminars

India’s rulers have suddenly created a controversy, synchronized with the above 27th anniversary, about whether a brave Sikh, Prof. Bhuller, incarcerated in a ‘death row cell’ for the past 16 years, lives or dies

Washington D.C. Wednesday June 1, 2011: India’s morally repugnant rulers have, as is their wont, again created a controversy, this time around a gallant Sikh patriot, Professor Sardar Devenderpal Singh Bhullar, incarcerated in the ‘death row’ of a filthy Indian prison (for over sixteen years – since January 1995)
about whether he lives or dies, to not only intimidate but also create a controversy in the oppressed Sikh minority.

This controversy or debate whether Professor Bhullar lives or dies has been synchronized by the Indian government with the 27th anniversary of the brutal and bloody June 1984 Indian Army attack on the Darbar Sahib complex in the holy city of Amritsar, in Indian occupied Punjab, held captive in the Indian map since August 1947, when an exhausted Imperial Britain, fled in haste from South Asia, just after the end of World War II. The crafty British Colonials, before leaving the South Asian subcontinent, handed over the instruments of state power to Congress party leader, Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru, an Anglophile Brahmin, who was backed by an evil nexus of wealthy ‘fat cat’ Banias – Hindu Traders. Prime minister Pundit Nehru, ruled India for 16 years and before he died in 1964, laid the foundation of dynastic rule in India by ensuring that his only daughter (he had no son) Mrs. Indira Gandhi, was made president of the ruling Congress party – a stepping stone to the Indian Prime minister’s ‘chair’. Since then, with a few breaks, India has been ruled by Pundit Nehru’s daughter, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and her descendents. Mrs. Gandhi was followed as prime minister by her son, Rajiv Gandhi, who inherited the Prime minister’s ‘chair’ in 1984, earning notoriety as a mass murderer for the state
supervised November 1984 anti-Sikh pogrom he ordered in which holocaust over ten thousand innocent Sikh men, women and children were murdered all over India. At this point in time, mass murderer Rajiv Gandhi’s Italian widow, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, ‘rules the roost’ in India waiting for her effeminate, dim-witted, bachelor son, Rahul Gandhi, 41, to take over the Prime minister’s ‘chair from ageing Prime minister Manmohan Singh, 78, who would be retiring soon.

This latest controversy, whether a gallant son of the Punjab, Professor Sardar Devenderpal Singh Bhuller, who has rotted in a ‘death row’ prison cell for over sixteen years (a world record probably) lives or dies, has been timed to synchroniz with the 27th anniversary of the June 1984 Indian Army’s brutal attack, ordered by
Prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, on Sikhism’s holiest religious site (its sanctum sanctorum), the Akal Takht Sahib, located in the Darbar Sahib complex in Amritsar, (known as the Golden Temple in the West) in Indian occupied Punjab, the Sikh homeland. That brutal and bloody June 1984 Army attack, is remembered every year, with anger and anguish, by every Sikh, on its anniversary. The anniversary is also commemorated with prayers and rallies by millions of Sikhs every year, in India and every part of the world where the three million strong and prosperous Sikh ‘diaspora’ is domiciled.

For the benefit of the younger Sikh generation it is important to narrate what exactly happened twenty seven years ago, on June 03, 1984, during the ‘reign’ of the 2nd Prime minister of India’s ‘Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty’, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She ordered a savage Indian army attack (with tanks, artillery and helicopters
et al. in an operation code-named ‘Blue Star’) on Sikhism’s holiest religious site (its sanctum sanctorum), the Akal Takht Sahib, located in the Darbar Sahib complex in Amritsar, in Indian occupied Punjab, where thousands
of unarmed Sikh pilgrims had gathered to commemorate the anniversary of the martyrdom of Guru Arjun Sahib. This military action was synchronized with assaults on thirty seven other Gurdwaras, (some like the CNN news TV Channel reported at that time that 44 Gurdawars were attacked by armed uniformed minions of the Indian state) located in India.

Twenty seven years have gone by, since the June 1984 Indian Army attack on Akal Takht Sahib, but that dark event has left a long shadow ‘engraved in concrete’ on the inner soul of the Sikh nation. Nothing can erase that memory from a Sikh’s heart. NOTHING! Although twenty seven years in time have gone by but that June
1984 murderous event is still remembered by every Sikh. And, the shadow of that event, as far as the world’s twenty eight million Sikhs are concerned, has become a map of a democratic buffer state of Khalistan carved on their heart. Since June 1984 a fire burns in every Sikh’s belly, to get rid of the Indian yoke and create an
independent, sovereign, democratic and egalitarian Sikh buffer state of Khalistan. Passage of twenty seven years, since the June 1984 Indian Army attack, has not reduced the burning desire of the Sikhs for creating that buffer state – Khalistan – which will stretch from the River Jumna in the East to the Pakistan border on the
West, Kashmir in the North and China on the North East. A food and water surplus state of Khalistan will act as a bridge of peace and commerce between the seven ‘Stans’ (Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan) and the countries of South Asia.

During the past 27 years, parting company from the unjust, oligarchic India, and its Brahmin-caste dominated rulers who run a dynastic caste-ridden demoNcracy, is a priority for most Sikhs. Let there be no doubt in New Delhi, or else where, that creation of Khalistan, a la Israel, has become the national goal of the 28 million strong and muscular Sikh nation. No amount of controversies – like the Professor Bhuller controversy mentioned above – or attempts of official intimidation will deter the Sikhs from their goal of trying to create a democratic buffer Sikh state of Khalistan on the South Asian subcontinent. To achieve that goal every Sikh prays, every day, in every Gurdwara, every where, including India, and on every occasion, 365 days of the year. The words, ‘Raj Karayga Khalsa’ (Sikhs will rule), is the prayer on every Sikh’s heart and lips every where, everyday!