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China and Pakistan send clear message to India’s chicken hawks with military exercises coinciding with India’s ongoing military exercise in Rajasthan

Any INDO-PAK confrontation will endanger the Darbar Sahib in the Sikh holy city of Amritsar located less than 20 miles from the Indo-Pak border!

Will the Indian Army Chief provoke a confrontation, in the coming days, with Pakistan or China, to get his one year’s extension which request was rejected earlier?

Sikh Freedom Fighter Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara slaps Hindu Shiv Sena thug, who lunges at him, on 11-11-2011, inside an Indian court. The sound of the slap resonates around the world. BRAVO!

Washington D.C. Wednesday November 16, 2011: Is India heading towards a dangerous armed confrontation with Pakistan which can become an Indo-Pak war (or a Pak-China war with India) with just one tiny miscalculation by any party, in the coming winter months? Such a terrible development would endanger the Darbar Sahib in the Sikh Holy city of Amritsar which is located, hardly twenty miles from the Indo-Pakistan border in Indian occupied Sikh majority Punjab?

A look at a Front Page story, by TNS correspondent, Ajay Banerjee, headlined, “India, Pak prepare to test military might * War games begin almost simultaneously * Tanks accompanied by fully equipped infantry troops, air elements to be used”, which was published last Monday (14 November, 2011), by THE TRIBUNE, an English language newspaper, based in Chandigarh, in Indian occupied Punjab, does give the impression to the readers that ‘war clouds’ are indeed hovering over the South Asian subcontinent. The first ( paragraph of this alarming report states that, “Nuclear armed neighbors India and Pakistan are conducting almost simultaneous war games in their respective territories over the next few weeks. The two armies, which have gone to war four times – in 1948, 1965, 1971 and 1999 – since Partition in 1947 – will be separated by only a couple of hundred miles as they fine-tune their skills. New Delhi and Islamabad have to inform each other whenever the armies close in on the borders for practice lest it should be wrongly construed as preparation for an attack. This protocol was worked out following the 1988 Operation code named, ‘Brasstacks’ when the entire western command of the Indian Army was deployed for an exercise. Gen K Sundarji was the then Army chief. Pakistan had raised a red flag and an understanding to inform each other was reached. The current Indian exercise will test the Army’s efficiency. In the last six months, this is the second full-scale exercise of the Indian Army to transform itself into a force aided by high-end technology. This is to ramp up the speed and accuracy of striking capabilities besides being aimed at provision of seamless integration with attack choppers and fighter jets of the Indian Air Force”.
An earlier Tribune newspaper headline, on August 11, 2011, reads “Reports of Sino-Pak exercise send Indian agencies into a tizzy.” That New Delhi datelined report said that, “Reports of ( a joint Pakistan-China army exercise have sent India’s security agencies and the military establishment in a tizzy. Sources across the establishments, that use technical and human surveillance, have been alerted and asked to corroborate media reports of a ‘huge exercise’ close to the Rajasthan border. Reports today said that barely 25 km from the international border along Jaisalmer-Bikaner districts of Rajasthan, a joint war game is being conducted at the brigade-level by China’s People’s Liberation Army’s 101 Engineering regiment. Militaries of China and Pakistan have exercised together in the past. Indian Army officials said that: “We have not been informed of any exercise as is mandatory between the armies of the two countries”. This was an agreement thrashed out between India and Pakistan following the famous 1988 Operation ‘Brasstacks’ when the entire Western Command of the Indian Army was deployed for an exercise. Gen K. Sundarji was the then Indian Army chief. Pakistan had raised a red flag and the understanding was reached of informing each other before any exercise lest it was wrongly construed as preparation of an attack. Indian external intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the technical snooping agency, the National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), the Intelligence Bureau and the Military Intelligence have been tasked to find out hints of such an exercise. China and Pakistan have a defence agreement pact and are co-developing naval warship, fighter aircrafts, airborne radars, tank upgrades and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)”.

In a strange (and very dangerous coincidence for any Sikh living in Indian occupied Punjab (but a big morale-booster for many Pakistani) the E-magazine of the Islamabad-based Pakistan China Institute, called NIHAO-SALAM whose news letter, dated Monday November 14, 2011, has reported that, a major Brigade- level joint Pakistan-China military exercise, code-named YOUYI -IV (translated ‘FRIENDSHIP) has also started, on Monday, (Nov. 14, 2011) from Jehlum in Pakistani Punjab, which is, “aimed at sharing mutual exchange of experience and information through a comprehensive training program in real time. Chinese Army being well equipped and highly technical in nature is very meticulous, keen and equally professional in their approach. During last joint exercise in China they demonstrated high sense of professionalism and friendship towards Pakistan. Exercise YOUYI-IV, which literally translates ‘FRIENDSHIP’, between two countries started in 2004. So far three exercises have been conducted including two in China and one in Pakistan. These exercises were mandated to boost existing professional relationship between the two friendly Armies. Senior Military leaders from both sides will also attend the Exercise. The YOUYI-IV exercise will be a true manifestation to a famous Chinese phrase ‘Pakistan China friendship is higher than the mountains and deeper than oceans’. It may be mentioned here that Pakistan and China enjoy extremely close and brotherly relations since their inception, which have matured and strengthened over the years. The forthcoming Joint Military Exercise YOUYI- IV will certainly pave the way for further cementing the existing bilateral relations between the two countries.”

According to Ajay Banerjee’s report in the TRIBUNE newspaper mentioned in paragraph two above,
( said that it was expected that both sides, will use tanks on the ground, “accompanied by fully equipped troops of the infantry besides air elements like attack choppers, fighter jets, UAVs and radars. The Indian Army, aided by elements of the Indian Air Force, has already started what is termed as a ‘build-up’ to the major exercise named “Sudershan Shakti” being conducted in Rajasthan. This includes a series of manoeuvres involving a small number of troops culminating in the first week of December. Pakistan will start its two-week joint exercise with China code-named ‘YOUVI- IV’on Wednesday November 16, 2011, which, as per Islamabad’s own admission, is aimed at mutual exchange of experience and sharing of real-time information. The exercise will encompass techniques and procedures involved in low-intensity conflict operations. This will be conducted opposite India’s Barmer sector”.

In May this year, Ambala-based 2 Strike Corps had conducted an exercise “Vijayee Bhava” across an area of 2,400 square km in the Rajasthan deserts near Pokharan. It is no secret that the Indian Army High Command has been building up a war hysteria with Pakistan since a few months back when the Indian Army held a huge military exercise from April 28, 2011 to mid-May, 2011, in 45* hot weather in Rajasthan. That was the time period when U.S. Navy seals attacked Osama Bin Laden’s bungalow, from the air with helicopters, on May 1, 2011, in Abbotabad, Pakistan and killed him. It was also about the time when the Indian Defence minister refused to grant a one year extension to the current Indian Army Chief, General Vijay Kumar Singh, 61, on his lame excuse that he was actually born in 1951 and NOT in 1950 and his current age is 60. In August, 2011, the Tribune and other Indian newspapers as well as TV stations first reported about possible China/ Pakistan military exercises on Pakistani soil. Perhaps the Indian Army Chief, who has been thwarted from obtaining a years extension (under the most stupid argument one can think of) might try to use an armed confrontation with Pakistan during the current military exercises to get his wish – one does not change commanders in the middle of an armed confrontation! The BIG problem is that things can get out of hand and the Sikh holy city of Amritsar, along with the Darbar Sahib, (which have been captive in the Indian map since August 1947 when the British Colonials quit South Asia) will be in great danger as both are located less than twenty miles from the Indo-Pakistan border.

All said and done, according to neutral military observers there is a clear message for India’s ‘chicken hawks’ (who invented the stupid ‘Cold Start’ Indian military doctrine which calls for lancing across the borders ‘under a nuclear overhang’) in the joint China-Pak military exercises (code named, ‘YOUVI-IV’) being held in Pakistani Punjab. The timing of the Pakistan-China military exercises have been synchronized with India’s ongoing military exercise code named ‘Sudershan Shakti’ currently being held in Rajasthan to send a message. The military observers feel that India ought to stop strutting along the Indo-Pakistan border or the disputed India China border. Geography, the lofty Himalayas and the Monsoons in South Asia will dictate the rules of the next war between these three nuclear powers. For the moment, the conventional – not nuclear – missile will be the ‘KING’ of the battlefield in the South Asian subcontinent. As far as the Sikhs are concerned – THEY JUST WANT PEACE.